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Taylor McCullough

David Willhite

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Taylor McCullough

Born: July 1998
Location: Centralia, Illinois

Taylor has been wakeboarding since April of 2004. She started waterskiing when she was only three years old. When she is not traveling on the Pro Wakeboard Tour (PWT) and competing in tournaments around the country, she spends most of her days riding on Centralia Lake in IL. Taylor has been coached by some of the best in the business. She has attended Dave Briscoe's ("The Wakeboard Coach") summer session when he was in Greenville, IL, and also his winter camp in Winter Haven, FL. Most recently, Taylor has been spending quite a bit of time training and riding with Dallas Friday (four-time X Games Gold Medalist among many other titles).

Trick List includes:
-  HS & TS (w2w)
-  HS Grabs
-  Switch air (HS,TS)
-  HS & TS 180 (w2w)
-  HS & TS half cabs (w2w)
-  360 (surface)
-  Blind 180 (w2w)

2007 Upcoming Events:
-  3/7-10 Board Up Miami / Pan Am Games
-  4/21 Gravel Tour Orlando, FL
-  4/26-29 Wake Games Orlando, FL
-  5/26 Gravel Tour Orlando, FL
-  6/20-24 WWA Nationals Kenosha, WI
-  6/30 Gravel Tour Orlando, FL
-  7/14 INT League Owensville, MO
-  7/21-22 E-Town Throw Down Elizabethtown, KY
-  8/4 INT League Greenville, IL
-  8/11 Gravel Tour Orlando, FL
-  8/23-26 WWA Worlds Reno, NV
-  9/22 Gravel Tour Orlando, FL
-  10/30-11/2 USA Wakeboard Worlds Doha, Qutar

Event History/Stats:

-   Mastercraft Pro Wakeboard Tour (PWT) Pro Women
Orlando, FL - 20th place
-   PWT Reno, NV - 14th place
-   PWT Overall Final standings - 14th place
-   INT Dow, IL - 1st place
-   INT Owensville, MO - 1st place
-   INT Greenville, IL - 1st place
-   USA Wakeboard Nationals - 1st place - National Champion

INT Amateur Nationals US Championship - 8th place

Personal Info:
Favorite Food: Pizza and cold hot dogs
Hobbies: Softball, Soccer, Basketball, Tumbling, Girl Scouts and oh yeah...Wakeboarding