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While having breakfast early one September morning in Little Pete's (Diner) in Philadelphia, a new clothing brand concept was created — 4 months later it became reality. After much reflection of how the wakeboarding seasons are too short here in the northeast, we wanted to somehow be involved in the sport and other action/extreme sports year-round. Here at Glyde Clothing we often have the "boarding itch" in the winter months…you know what we're talking about. The only feasible cure has been to embark on a two hour plane trip to FL. Glyde Clothing has provided another way to satisfy that itch. This company has provided a great way to meet new people, explore what others are doing in these sports across the country and allowed us to have a lot of fun in the process. Be on the look out for us at local events. If you know of any events or are interested in helping us in your city, please email us at We would love to be a part of the action!

Here at Glyde Clothing we are also very interested in helping charities and giving back to others in need. Please email us at the above address with details of any charity organization that may be interested in our support. While we can't promise to participate in every request, we will do our best to work with as many organizations as possible. Please check back periodically to see charities that we have helped.

Landon Lueck
The summer of 2004 opened a door to new friendships. One day in April of 2004, while on a wakeboarding message board, Tim saw the topic “In Philly for the summer — Anyone wakeboard there?” He responded and began wakeboarding with this person on a regular basis throughout the summer. He had no idea when he responded to the message board that this person was in town for the filming of a reality TV show — MTV’s The Real World Philly. It was Landon Lueck. Landon was on the University of Wisconsin’s Wakeboard and Ski team where he was the Wakeboarding Director. He recently was ranked 26th in the country for the long-jump (waterskiing).

You will see Landon wearing Glyde Clothing on MTV, at wakeboarding events and other touring appearances throughout the country. Got to love how this sport opens doors to friendships and good times!